Reconstruction of tower headframes on 4RU

Reconstruction of tower headframes of shafts No. 3 and No. 4 is one of the most technologically complex objects of Passat LLC for the reconstruction of existing production facilities. Building height 125m.

Due to the need to ensure safety and continuity of production, construction and installation work was carried out in separate sections and seizures for a limited time. In order for the pile driver to work without interruptions, before work on the facades, temporary enclosing structures were built, which ensured the temperature and humidity regime of the pile driver. A significant amount of construction and installation work was carried out at the headframe site, where full tightness of the enclosing structures was required for uninterrupted supply of air to the mines.

The condition of the existing enclosing structures, the service life of which was equal to the age of the mine, was assessed as emergency. This required the use of non-standard methods of dismantling and the equipment used.

Due to the presence of continuously operating sources of radiation, the construction and installation work from the + 30m mark to the + 52m mark was carried out in a limited time of their shutdown - 2 hours a day.

The installation of reinforcing elements of metal structures was carried out only with the help of rigging due to the lack of lifting mechanisms inside the building.

In total, wall panels were dismantled: 1687 pcs.

Wall panels installed: 757 pcs.

Dismantled metal structures: more than 560 tons.

Steel structures assembled: more than 560 tons.