About Us

PASSAT Holding is a diversified business. It brings together eight manufacturing companies, whose activities are focused on serving enterprises in the mining and chemical industry.


 development of pre-design, design estimates and design documentation with the receipt of the necessary approvals and the passage of state expertise;

a full range of construction, installation and special works with the implementation of the functions of a general contractor for the construction of facilities of 1-4 classes of complexity;

architectural supervision over the implementation of construction works;

 design and manufacture of processing and mining equipment;

development and implementation of integrated solutions for the automation of technological processes using innovative developments;

development of optimal solutions for the protection of various materials against corrosion, aggressive media, chemical and mechanical stress.

We offer a full range of works prior to the commissioning of a turnkey facility. Possessing expert knowledge of construction and engineering practice in Belarus and, at the same time, experience of cooperation with major international companies, the PASSAT holding embodies even the most complex ideas of the customer.

We are ready to undertake:

 engineering and technical survey of the construction site;

 preparation of initial permits, obtaining technical specifications and approvals;

 designing and passing examinations;

 construction of industrial buildings and structures;

 installation of technological lines and engineering infrastructure;

 automation of production processes;

 commissioning works;

 designer and technical supervision of construction and installation works;

 completing with materials and engineering equipment;

 preparation of acceptance documents;

 obtaining the Act of putting the object into operation;


Currently, the group of companies employs over 2,500 people. High qualification of specialists of various profiles (power engineers, technologists, machine builders, assemblers, machine gunners) allows solving complex problems from design to commissioning. Our employees are the main asset of the group of companies.

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