Reconstruction of the main ventilation fan at Production Units 1 and 3 of JSC Belaruskali

The main ventilation fans are the main consumers of electric power. Capacity control is carried out by guiding devices which modify the section of the air channel. Reduction of air supply into the pit caused insignificant reduction of electric power consumption. Moreover it led to increased mechanical wear of the blades of the guiding devices.

The main technical solution:

Replacing 4 MW and 0.5 MW synchronous motors in the non-adjustable drive with a 4 MW synchronous motor with frequency adjustment.

We applied the following equipment and software:

 Siemens electric motors of NG-MZ:PALAU2010-AA family

 Siemens converters ROBICON PERFECT HARMONI GEN 3e

 Controllers of SIMATIC S7-300 family

 Multifunctional stations SIMATIC ET 200 for data collection

 Operator’s graphic boards

 Software designed with STEP 7 and WINCC FLEXIBLE packs.