Modernization of electric drive and control system of Trust Shahtospetsstroy block mobile hoists

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Trust Shahtospetsstroy mobile hoists were used in shaft sinking at Belaruskali Berezovsk and Krasnoslobodsk mines. Machines electrics have been significantly worn-out. Out-of-date equipment entailed large amounts of energy during works. The Institute of mining and electrical engineering has modernized four hoists (three of them with air-spring brake actuator and another one – with hydraulic brake actuator).

A list of works carried out:

complete removal of all electrical equipment;

manufacturing and installation of the new regulated electric drive with microprocessor control system;

diagnostics, repair and adjustment of mechanical scope of hoists;

training of technological personnel.

Hoists modernization includes:

replace the existing high-voltage induction motors with wound rotor by the low-voltage induction motors with a cage rotor 690kVt power, voltage 690V; MPP25

replace rotary resistance stations, reversers and dynamic braking devices by frequency converters;

replace relay-electronic control systems and switchgears 0,4 kV by a two-channel control system based on microprocessor controllers S7 400 with periphery stations ET200, and new switchgears 0,4 kV;

replace the high-voltage switchgear KRUE-10B-60-20U2 type by small-sized complete switchgear KRU / TEL-10 kV type;

installation of dry power transformers for inverters capacity of 1250 KW, voltage 10/0,69kV, with the scheme of incorporating D/Un-11, Uk = 6%, with earthed neutral.

During the control system modernization the IGEA specialists developed electric cabinets to control main and auxiliary hoists actuators, automated machine operator workstation; installed sensors to monitor the operating parameters; developed recording and data registering equipment; implemented a bind to the power supply system and the system of the mine shaft signaling.

The modernization will allow the customer get the following technical and economic effect:

saved electric power consumed in the hoists operating during the shaft sinking, can be up to 60%;
the new control system, which includes a visualization system for hoists drivers, significantly increases the level of safety in shaft sinking.

The customer – Trust Shahtospetsstroy - will continue to use them in Petrikov mine shaft sinking.