Construction of the onshore complex of the Petrikovsky GOK

List of built objects:


Flotation Concentration Plant


Main building


Engineering and laboratory building


Drying and granulation workshop


Drying compartment


Granulation department


Thickener No. 1


Thickener No. 2


Thickener tail No. 1


Mounted in total:


metal structures in the amount of 11 437.43 tons

reinforced concrete and concrete structures in the amount of 28 265.1 m³

reinforced concrete bored piles 7863m³

Thickener tail No. 2

Tank of mother liquor No. 2-No. 6

Warehouse for liquid reagents

Warehouse of bulk reagents

Reagent preparation workshop

Hydrochloric acid warehouse

ABK factories

Site works. Technological communications

​​​​​​​ Emergency thickener