Construction of a vacuum crystallization plant

Purpose and purpose of the project: construction of a new technological line for the production of large-crystalline potassium chloride halurgical with a capacity of at least 1,500,000 tons per year.


Production method: vacuum crystallization of potassium chloride from hot saturated liquors. The selected process for producing coarse-crystalline potassium chloride consists in stepwise evaporation of the liquor under vacuum in an installation consisting of seven evaporators. In order to maximize energy efficiency, the plant provides for the recovery of thermal energy when cooling mother liquor by means of titanium surface heat exchangers and mixing condensers. To reduce foaming, the unit is equipped with an automatic system for preparing and dispensing antifoam agent.


Finished product: large-crystalline potassium chloride, chemical formula - KCl, average size of round-shaped crystal intergrowths dav = 0.6 - 0.8 mm. The production of large-crystalline potassium chloride with the content of the useful component in terms of K компонентаO is not less than 60.0% with the possibility of producing large-crystalline potassium chloride with the content of the useful component in terms of K₂O not less than 62.0%.

Project implementation period: 20 months.


The delivery includes a basic technical design with technological solutions and an architectural and construction assignment for the design of a production building, three-dimensional modeling of the entire installation.


Main characteristics of the project:

the volume of the production building (LxWxH) 80x40x45 meters (the height of the upper capital elevation of the building + 24.00 m);

the total weight of the equipment is about 2,000 tons;

mold material - steel clad with alloy 400 (2.4360) nickel-copper alloy, surface capacitor material - titanium, mixing capacitors are made of stainless steel;

accessories for the project: pumps Sulzer (Switzerland), Egger (Switzerland), SPX Lightnin (Great Britain), shut-off and control valves Sistag WEY (Switzerland), instrumentation Endress + Hauser (Switzerland);

process pipelines made of stainless steel with a protective vinyl ether-acrylic coating;

The scope of delivery includes automation of the process up to the operator's console.

The scope of delivery includes installation supervision, training and commissioning of the entire equipment complex, acceptance tests and commissioning.