27 August 2014

On the 27th of August celebrations devoted to the beginning of construction of Petrikov Ore Mining and Processing Plant were held. 

PASSAT LLC will take active part in the construction of such a large-scale object.
PASSAT LLC as a Belaruskali’s contractor will carry out leveling operation of the construction site and construct a technical water basin.
The first part of the ore mining and processing plant is expected to be started up in December 2019 and it will reach estimated capacity in December 2021. Petrikov Ore Mining and Processing Plant will produce annually more than 1.5 ton of potassium chloride and in the future up to 3 tons of potassium chloride annually. According to the plans a Production Unit will operate on the site and in the farther future several Production Units will operate.
Estimated service life of Petrikov Ore Mining and Processing Plant taking into account the mineral reserve, project capability and optimization of each industrial level is 90 years.
Petrikov potassium salt deposit was discovered in 1966. At present 8 potassium levels are located. Expected reserves of the deposit are about 2.2 billion tons, depth of occurrence reaches 1.2 km which is much more than at Starobin deposit.

About the Holding

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