Passat, LLC is a construction company with 20 years of experience at the market of industrial engineering. It is engaged in construction of buildings and structures of the first and the second levels of responsibility.

Passat, LLC is an experienced general contractor that has successfully implemented a number of complex projects of national importance.

The core activities of Passat, LLC are:
1. construction and installation, special works with implementation of general contractor functions;
2. installation and repair of mining equipment;
3. projection (designing), production and repair (reconstruction) of equipment and electric plants for mining operations and objects, where the risk of explosion  may occur;
4. transportation of dangerous cargo;
5. maintenance support of devices for control and regulation of water, heat and electricity consumption; 
6. installation, repair and commissioning of high-voltage electrical equipment;
7. manufacturing, installation and commissioning of equipment for sylvinite factories (high-performing compact slimers, hydroseparators, flotators).


About the Holding

PASSAT holding is a dynamically developing business. For 20 years, our activities are focused on serving the mining and chemical industries

We propose to our customers unique technological solutions in the implementation of complex projects, in construction of facilities of mining-and-chemical and other industries.