Limited Liability Company MASHHIMPROM has been working at the market since 2007. Providing high quality of products and services has enabled company to become one of the leaders at the national market and strengthen its reputation of a trusted partner.

 Mashhimprom, LLC produces metal structures of different complexity and non-standard equipment, manufactures hydraulic supports.

The company provides the following services:

1. installation and dismantling of metal and concrete-steel constructions, manufacturing equipment for chemical, oil and mining industries, gas-turbine units (GTU), towers and cellular masts.

2. designing and production of metal structures of different complexity and non-standard equipment for chemical, mining and oil industries.

3. anticorrosive protection.


About the Holding

PASSAT holding is a dynamically developing business. For 20 years, our activities are focused on serving the mining and chemical industries

We propose to our customers unique technological solutions in the implementation of complex projects, in construction of facilities of mining-and-chemical and other industries.