The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC, is an engineering and manufacturing company.

The Company is specialized in:

  • development and implementation of integrated automation solutions;
  • production of electrical and automation equipment (including explosion-proof) with the use of innovations;
  • modernization of enterprises in mining and chemical industries;
  • Research and Development in mining and chemical industries.

The Institute carries out a full complex of turnkey works:

  • comprehensive examination of a plant and development of a draft proposal, based on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions; 
  • development of a comprehensive project of manufacture modernization, including reasonable specifications for the supply of process equipment; 
  • supply of the necessary technological equipment and automatic control systems; 
  • laying networks and communications; 
  • installation of equipment; 
  • starting-up and adjustment of equipment.

About the Holding

PASSAT holding is a dynamically developing business. For 20 years, our activities are focused on serving the mining and chemical industries

We propose to our customers unique technological solutions in the implementation of complex projects, in construction of facilities of mining-and-chemical and other industries.