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Торги 01.10.2018 Стеновые железобетонные панели         13:30 01.11.2018

Извещение о проведении торгов

PASSAT Holding has combined the best engineering and manufacturing companies in the region with a rich experience and advanced technologies. Today the holding includes:

Each of these companies has a strong position in the market and a number of significant competitive advantages, but combined together, they form an unbeatable team and really cover the widest range of works and services. The main activities of the holding are construction, design and engineering services, production and installation of metal structures, production, installation and setup of equipment for mining industry, turnkey modernization of industrial projects of any scale and production of control and electrical equipment.

Our advantages are the 22-year experience, professional staff, modern technological industrial base, only high-quality resources and the best distributors, as well as an extensive list of customers satisfied with our work: among them are the largest republican enterprises, industrial giants of the region. And perhaps one of the most important advantages is the complexity of services rendered.

PASSAT Holding companies are constantly being improved, developed and updated in an effort to be the leader in each of their areas of activity.

Today PASSAT holding is not only a strong business, but also an important part of the region it works in, a part of the country. We are considerate to its concerns and hundreds of people’s needs: we help villagers to plant and harvest their crop, we support the construction of churches and sponsor cultural and educational institutions. We want to make the greatest possible contribution to the country’s life!

Watch the video about PASSAT HOLDING                                                      Technological possibilities of PASSAT HOLDING

About the Holding

PASSAT holding is a dynamically developing business. For 20 years, our activities are focused on serving the mining and chemical industries

We propose to our customers unique technological solutions in the implementation of complex projects, in construction of facilities of mining-and-chemical and other industries.