modernization of industrial facilities

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Innovative solutions
for mining and chemical industries

PASSAT holding
has combined engineering and manufacturing companies with broad experience. We strive to lead the sphere of industrial facilities construction, modernization of mining enterprises, development and production of electrical, process equipment and automation systems.

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For mining industry

A full range of high-tech equipment for the mining industry

Processing equipment

High-performance, that alows you to make thе process of mineral processing more efficient.


All neceassary electrotechnics of high accuracy and reliability for mining industry enterprises, as well as common use electrotechnics.

Controlling equipment

Accurate and effective control equipment for the mining industry and the wide application - high degree of safety.

Metal structures

Production of metal structures of any complexity on individual projects of customers.

Lined pipes

Lined pipes have a high mechanical strength of steel together with the polymer corrosion resistance.

Our partners

About the Holding

PASSAT holding is a dynamically developing business. For 20 years, our activities are focused on serving the mining and chemical industries

We propose to our customers unique technological solutions in the implementation of complex projects, in construction of facilities of mining-and-chemical and other industries.